About Me

Photographer name: Kei Makise
Birthday: March 1986
Country of residence: Japan
Native language: Japanese
E-mail: makise(at)k-ma.net
URL: https://k-ma.net

Personal History

2018/04: I won the prize for the first time in the Global photo contest
2018/02: Refreshing the website changed to a photographer's concept
2017/08: I started using English name Kei Makise
2016/11: I started to aim for a photographer
2015/10: I won the prize for the first time in the Japanese photo contest
2012/10: My domain name acquisition & Website is open
2007/04: Getting a job as a computer engineer
1986/03: I was born in this world

Winner's Sticker
4th_fapa_silver.png 4th_fapa_nominee.png PX32018-HM.jpg
Global Photo Contest Award History

2018/06: PX3 2018 Prix de la Photographie Paris
(Honorable Mention Juried Awards,2018)
2018/05: International Filter Photo Contest 2017-2018 Autum/Winter
(Excellent Works)
2018/04: 4th Fine Art Photography Awards (Category 2nd Prize)
2018/04: 4th Fine Art Photography Awards (Category Nominee)

Japan Photo Contest Award History

2018/05: 35th "Japanese Nature" Photo Contest
Digital division (Honorable Mention)
2018/03: Okayama Airport, 30th Anniversary Photo Contest
Smartphone Division (Award Of Excellence)
2017/12: 14th Tamron macro lens Photo Contest (Silver Prize)
2015/10: 26th Miyoshi city fireworks festival Photo Contest
(Honorable Mention)